Buffalo Soldiers National Museum

Before heading out to the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum in Houston, Texas, make sure you have all the right information on the area’s history and culture. It is located at 3816 Caroline St, Houston, TX 77004. Here are a few of the highlights of this historical site:

While it’s primarily a volunteer-run organization, there are a few employees. The museum has a salaried executive director, an administrative assistant, a commissary clerk, and a donor development specialist. There are also a few paid positions on its board of directors, including a Founders Club comprised of corporate executives. The board of directors meets quarterly and evaluates programs and long-term goals.

The Buffalo Soldiers National Museum Houston TX is one of two museums in the U.S. dedicated to the African-American soldier. The museum offers free admission to children under five and is located in the Museum District. The museum contains military artifacts, books, DVDs, and other educational resources. It opened its doors in 2012 and educates visitors about the history of the Buffalo Soldiers. It is a worthwhile trip and one of the best educational stops in Houston. Next Article

The museum was founded by Paul J. Matthews, who had been collecting military artifacts for over 30 years. Now, it is the largest collection of African-American military memorabilia in the world. For those with the time, a tour of the museum is an essential part of learning about this fascinating history. A guided tour lasts approximately one and a half hours. At the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum, you can experience the history of black soldiers in the United States military during this time.

The BSNM also features a reenactment of the final major battle of the Civil War. This battle took place in 1883 in Pearl, a high school that was opened to African Americans in the state. The Buffalo soldiers from the 62nd Infantry Regiment played a major role. In the end, the museum is a wonderful destination for family and history buffs. When in Houston, be sure to visit the African-American Soldiers Research Center.

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For families with small children, the Children’s Museum of Houston is perfect. The Tot*Spot exhibits are perfect for tots while the EcoStation encourages nature engagement. Kids will enjoy the interactive water games in FlowWorks, while adults will love the Kidtropolis exhibit, which is a simulated city run by children. While the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum is a great day out in Houston, be sure to make time to enjoy the many attractions in this historic city.

The Lone Star Museum is home to fifteen well preserved airplanes. Visitors can also learn about the history of flight through interactive exhibits. The Holocaust Museum is another place worth visiting, as it provides insight into World War II tragedies and the effects of uncontrollable prejudice. It is free for everyone and is open to the public on Thursdays. It is a must-see in Houston. You will be amazed!